There are a number of different ways CBD can be administered. 

At Brighton Infused we stock:

Oral Tinctures - E-Liquids - Topical Salve - New Water Soluble Powder

Oral Tinctures ~ Orally administered and absorbed sublingually -under the tongue.  Our Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures, offer an initial benefit and then a build up over time, allowing the body to reach full homeostasis (inner balance).
Our Oral Tinctures are available in drops or spray, with or without an added blend of terpenes and with the choice of two base oils.  Either Hemp Oil or MCT Oil.

E-Liquids ~ Breaking through the blood brain barrier most effectively.  Vaping CBD is a direct and effective way to administer CBD, providing a more instant and fast acting relief than tinctures.  Although the effects do not last as long.
Our E-Liquids are simply CBD with or without flavour or CBD with added terpenes, that are specific to the strain of hemp plant it comes from. 

Topical Salve ~ Applying balms topically allows you to target the exact area you require relief for.  It does not break through the skin blood barrier and therefore is not absorbed into the blood stream.
Our Topical Salve is blended with terpenes, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil.  

Water Soluble Powder ~ Offering super fast and more predictable absorption rates.  Water Soluble CBD allows a more accurate dosing along with a higher bio-availability, allowing a higher proportion of CBD to reach the bloodstream and can be up to 10x more effective when compared to CBD oils.
Our Water Soluble Powder is available in a handy 10mg/1g - one dose sachet, this exciting new product -efficient and effective- is odourless, virtually flavour free and is easy to administer anywhere, anytime.