View our CBD Potency and Purity Analysis Laboratory Reports below:

All of our CBD products are manufactured from 100% Organic high-quality hemp.  Sourced and extracted in the USA and free of any heavy metals or pesticides.
Since the CBD we supply is one of the most in demand products at this time, you can always count on receiving a fresh product that’s recently been sourced and lab tested.

The purity levels we advertise are derived directly from the following reports from our suppliers in the UK and the USA.

Oral Tinctures, Sprays, Capsules  April 2019

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates

Potency Certificate of Analysis

  January 2019

CBD Crystals

Purity Quantitative Analysis Summary Report

Jan 2019


E-Liquids.  July 2019

CBD Isolate

Certificate of Analyisis

Brighton Infused CBD Isolate is sourced
directly from leading Colorado hemp farms
in the USA, and is one of the purest, highest
quality Isolates you’ll find on the market. 

Isolate COA 31.07.19


Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD Powder August 2019

Broad Spectrum Distillate

Certificate of Analysis

Water Soluble Broad Spectrum COA
  September 2019

Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD Powder 250mg/g

Blended down to be 10mg/g.

Certificate of Analysis

Water Soluble CBD Powder COA

For Terpene Infused products we have a lab tested base mix to guarantee the strength of the CBD in the finished products.  Because of the high potency of our Terpenes only a few drops needed are added to that base mix, which wouldn't show up on the test result. With that in mind it would be inefficient to test each strain in its own right because it would be too costly in terms of time and resources. The time and money we save based on this testing method is past on to our valued customers.

Test Certificate for Heavy Metal Analysis for our CBD concentrates  2018 - Awaiting 2019 Certificate
Crude Oil is the base ingredient that you achieve through extraction from industrial hemp. The hemp flower is “shucked” meaning the flower is pulled off from the stems so the stems can be used for fiber and things like hempcrete. The flower is run through a CO2 extraction and creates a peanut butter like material full of lipids. The material is then “winterized” and “decarboxylated”. Decarboxylation is when the CBDa molecules are converted to CBD, and Winterization is a process whereby the extract is treated to remove unwanted material, such as Clorophyll. While this Crude Oil does still contain a slight amount of THC, it is within legal guidelines.