BRAND NEW - CBD Water Soluble Powder 10mg/1g

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BRAND NEW to the UK - 100% Water Soluble Powder - 10x More Effective - No Odour, Virtually No Flavour - Can be added to Anything!

Brighton Infused’s Water Soluble CBD Powder is the simplest way to add a good dose of CBD to your daily routine.

Powdered CBD offers increased Bio-availability when compared to CBD oils and can be up to 10 times more effective.  Contains all natural, organic products.   

Odour free and virtually flavourless, Brightons Infused Water Soluble CBD Powder can be added to absolutely any food or drink.

Made from Pure Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate.  Brighton Infused CBD Powder is completely water soluble and goes perfectly with your morning tea or coffee.

Ingredients: 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD, <0.2% THC

  • 10mg CBD per 1g

Certificate of Analysis for the Broad Spectrum Distillate for the Water Soluble CBD Powder

Certificate of Analysis for the Water Soluble CBD end product - 25% blended down to 1% - 10mg/g


Whilst many medicinal claims are made about CBD, Brighton Infused sells all of our products as food supplements and not medicinal products.