CBD Tea - Relax Turmeric

Relaxing CBD Infused Tea - Turmeric
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CBD TEA - Relax with our specially blended Turmeric slices.

10 x 20mg CBD Tea Bags.  Caffeine Free and Organic.

Give yourself a delicious boost of natural anti-inflammatory with this subtly sweet, spicy, very full-flavoured immune boosting Turmeric herbal blend.  Enjoy straight up or with milk - especially good with coconut milk!  The key element of this blend is the belief in the components ability to fight inflammation and that the less inflammation your body has to cope with the better.

Enjoy our Turmeric blend tea, hot or iced to benefit health, sleep and relaxation.

Ingredients: Turmeric slices, Ginger, Aniseed, Cocoa Peel, Cinnamon, Hemp Flower, 20mg CBD per tea bag.

Because CBD is not water soluble it is recommended to drink hemp tea with a dash of Milk, Coconut Oil or Milk, Honey or a small piece of regular butter to aid extraction.

Available in three tantalising flavours:

Relax with Turmeric - Turmeric Slices, Ginger, Aniseed, Cocoa Peel, Cinnamon, Hemp Flower
Revive with Moroccan Mint - Cut Mint, Green Tea, Lime Flower, Hemp Flower
Rejuvenate with Indian Assam - Indian Black Tea, Hemp Flower

Whilst many medicinal claims are made about CBD, Brighton Infused sells all of our products as food supplements and not medicinal products.