CBD Soft Chews - Mixed Fruit

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Our new CBD Soft Chews are the perfect product to administer your CBD dose, wrapped in a juicy mixed fruit cocktail to leave you feeling refreshed.

Choose between: 224mg per tin or 448mg per tin, each tin contains 32 chews.

Each CBD Soft Chew contains 7mg of CBD for a total of 224mg per tin.
Each CBD Soft Chew contains 14mg of CBD for a total of 448mg per tin.

Although CBD’s effectiveness varies from person to person, here are some suggested doses for just a few of the conditions which are commonly aided by the use of CBD:

  • Dietary supplement: 5-25 mg
  • Aches and pains: 25-100 mg
  • Insomnia, anxiety, depression: 50-150 mg

Whilst the benefits of CBD are widely claimed, Brighton Infused sells all of its products as food supplements and not as medicinal products.